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Luxury property market in Marbella and Benahavis

Real estate inventory is always hard to quantify but it is possible to identify a trend using MLS statistics. Data on transactions are easily accessible via the Registry office of Spain and the Interior Ministry of Spain. During 2013 the number of real estate transactions has been rising and  inventory has been depleting – this makes sense as more properties get sold and therefore come off the market. However, so far during 2014 inventory has been rising again even as transactions have increased even more. In some cases, for example villas in Marbella and Benahavis the upwards tendency is remarkable with increases of 20% or more.

The reason for this may be that property owners may feel that we have reached a turning point in the market, are aware of the increased transactions in their area, and they are deciding to come onto the market now after the worst has been left behind.